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UNITY Tattoo
$160/Hr (May vary depending on artists); Minimum charge $100

1395 Commercial drive
vancouver bc v5l 3x6

Phone: 604-369-3691

Opening Hours:

11am – 6pm tue - SAT



How do I book an appointment with your shop? 

Appointments can ONLY BE booked IN PERSON AT THE SHOP. Consultations, ON THE OTHER HAND, can be booked over THE phone or BY email AND ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE . If you live outside of Vancouver, you can email us your ideas and we can go from there. 

How much is the deposit to book an appointment?
We usually take a deposit of $60. Although sometimes we may take a bigger deposit for larger projects. Deposits are necessary as they contribute to the time the artists spend on drawing for your designs and it will be deducted from the final cost of your tattoo.  each deposit is only good for the design you and the artist agreed on, if you completely change your design before the appointment your deposit will be forfeited as well. deposits ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. 

What is the MINIMUM AGE to get a tattoo? 

18 years old. No exceptions!

Can I get a quote on a tattoo?
We can offer rough estimates on price, however we do not give quotes over the phone or by email. Please come into the shop to discuss your idea and we will do our best to give you an idea of cost.

Do you take walk ins? 
Yes, walk ins are on a first come, first serve basis if we happen to have time available. 

Can I reschedule my appointment if necessary?
Bookings with deposits can be REARRANGED, but a minimum of 48 hours notice is required, otherwise your deposit will be forfeited and another deposit WILL BE needed for future bookings.

How long is your waiting list?
Waiting times vary from artist to artist. Please contact us with regard to specific artists.

Can I pay by card?
No,we are cash-only. Please make sure that you have enough money to cover the cost of your tattoo before attending your appointment.


1. Leave the Saniderm bandage on for a minimum of 2 hours up to 24 hours (Regular bandage between 6 to 16 hours)
2. Wash your hands well then remove the bandage slowly. 
3. Immediately after removing the bandage, gently wash your tattoo using only your fingertips, (do not use a facecloth, sponge etc, until the tattoo has completely healed) with an unscented soap and lukewarm water. Rinse the area thoroughly until all the ointment blood and/or plasma are removed .
4. Pat the tattoo dry with paper towels – do not wipe or rub it dry.
5. Keep it dry and clean for 3 days. No soaking your tattoo but showering is okay as long as you keep it short and pat the tattoo dry immediately after with paper towels. 
6. After 3 days, apply a very thin layer of unscented lotion (Aveeno, Lubriderm etc) on your tattoo, rub it into the skin completely and pat away any excess remaining on the surface of the skin twice a day or whenever you feel the tattoo is dry.
7. Continue to treat your new tattoo this way for about 2-3 weeks, or until the tattoo has stopped flaking and is no longer dry and shiny.
*Always use fragrance-free, hypoallergenic soap and moisturizer when caring for a tattoo, as harsh chemicals and fragrances can irritate and even damage freshly tattooed skin.
*Never rebandage your tattoo unless directed to do so by your artist.
*While healing, covering the tattoo with clothing whenever it might be exposed to the sun.
*No using sunscreen on the tattoo until it has fully healed. Once it is fully healed, sunscreen can be used to protect it from fading.
*No picking at scabs, as this can cause scar tissue to form.
*No scratching the tattoo even if it becomes itchy.
*No soaking the tattoo (swimming, bathing etc) until the tattoo has healed. Showering is fine with limited water exposure. 

                                               Aftercare may vary depending on the artists
                               please Call the shop at 604 369 3691 if you have any quesitons